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I’m a native New Orleanean. I’ve lived in many towns and cities before choosing Lafayette as the place to start our family. (Atlanta, GA; Oxford, Ms; Alexandria, VA; Washington, DC; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pass Christian, MS; Scottsdale, AZ; and New York, NY).

My wife and I moved to Lafayette about 10 years ago and were drawn to its great qualities and its great potential. We bought a home, got a couple dogs and had an amazing life changing son. For us, we were and are committed to making Lafayette our home. And for us, that means the giving of our time and money to support all aspects of our community.

For my wife, she’s served almost 6 years on the Lafayette City Council. For me, I have severed on a litany of community boards and committees. Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission (Member – Chair), Lafayette Public Art Committee (Member), Lafayette Old Town Association (Member and President), Lafayette Chamber of Commerce (Member and Director), Lafayette Downtown Action Committee (Member and Chair) and Colorado Music Festival and Center of the Musical Arts (Director).

In these roles, I was a part of a team that created Art in the Windows, Art Night Out, Picnic In the Plaza, Art on the Street, Alley Art Amazing, The Downtown Vision Plan, and a nearly 1.5 million remodel of the Center for the Musical Arts.

I mention this involvement, not to illustrate my glutton-ness community involvement but rather my passion and energy to make our community a better place which translates to making our community a more desired place to live and in turn helps all of our properties values. I am happy and proud to say I played a part in helping catalyzed the current amazing energy in our community today.

Finally to the most important part and probably the main reason for you inquiry. How can I help you in your real estate needs.

I know Lafayette. Sure others will say the same thing, but I am confident that in the case of real estate, I know it as well or better than anyone else. For nearly 10 years, I have made it my job to know Lafayette in and out because in doing so – I can be the best real estate adviser for this area. After all that’s truly is my job.

For sellers – This market makes anyone seem like they can sell anything. And this is true, but only the best and most knowledgeable about any specific market can sell a property for the highest and best price. This is what I do. Having sold this market and equally as important monitored it daily for nearly 10 years plus the knowledge gained from my community involvement – I am confident that my knowledge is second to none. If you’re considering selling, let’s talk. I am happy to detail my processes for insuring you that you’ll get the highest and best price for your home.

For buyers – In this crazy multiple offer scenario world, it truly takes an experienced and knowledgeable agent to write an offer on your behalf that sets you apart from the other buyers. But even more importantly, it takes a truly local and knowledgeable expert to not only know the winning price, but to also know which ones that merit going for it with all that you have and which ones to sit out on. Buyers need to realize that writing offers on some properties is only adding to the current market frenzy – being strategic in your search and only going after the right ones with the right price is really the only prudent way to get the best results. I am happy to meet with you to discuss my ideas on buyer strategies.

So yes, I am verbose when talking about my business, my community and my passion for being the best in my profession. It’s my hope that you see this point as your ultimate strategic advantage in the East Boulder County Market place.

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