2018 COLOR of the YEAR

Oceanside SW 6496 (Sherwin-Williams see color and description below) Wow!  If I could only decorate around this paint palette…I am really liking the warmth of this blue color.  It’s not too bright and has just enough warmth without being in the cool greys or robust browns. But, for some reason I still go for the

Town of Erie Events 2018

Town of Erie Events 2018 Don’t Miss the Family Fun! One of the main reasons that we chose to live in Erie is because of the small town feel with all of the outdoor activities of the bigger cities.  We hit the Farmers Market almost weekly and have a huge BBQ for the July 3rd


Empower – a simple word with so many connotations.    What does it mean to you? With the new market season we’re updating our marketing to illustrate who we are and what we offer.   One point we agreed is critical to our client is for us to EMPOWER our clients.  The old adage give a man

Price Your Home Right

Pricing it Right So you own a great home and love everything about it, you love the layout, high ceilings throughout the home, your kids love the school they go to and the neighborhood is safe. However, you just got a new job, need to relocate and want to sell your current home to someone