Ski Passes – Perk #17 of living in Boroughs of Boulder


As we all know life in Boulder, and Colorado for that matter, is geared toward experiencing the mountains and all that they have to offer.  One way that we get to do this is through skiing.  Many of you know about about the great ski pass options here; however, as the ski companies merge and the power of the pass revenue grows; Consolidation of Pass Access enhances our opportunities to enjoy the powder and the mountains.  In this vain, here are a couple articles and links detailing the two best options in Colorado.

The first is the infamous Epic Pass.  This Vail Resorts Inc. product provides an incredible amount of ski options and starting next year it will include 7 days at our personal favorite Crested Butte.  Here is a Vail Daily article detailing it’s changes as well as a link to the Epic Pass website for all you need to know.

Epic Pass

Vail Daily Story on Epic Pass Changes

New this year, for next season, is the Ikon Pass.  This KSL Pass, owner of Aspen/Snowmass and newly acquire Winter Park, Copper and Steamboat plus many others, will soon rival the Epic.  The benefactor of this behemoth ski rivalry will be us the consumer.  With two great passes to chose from skiing remains more affordable and makes living in the Front just that much sweater.

Ikon Pass

Denver Post Article on Ski Area Improvements

Personal Thoughts

Living here for the past 12 winters, I have bounced back and forth between the Epic and the Colorado Superpass.  Epic has always provided more functional options for my family; however, when Eldora was added to the Superpass, it truly became a tie for us.  Access to Eldora for a half day is exceptionally easy for Boulder Valley Residence.  However, with the Superpass going away and the Ikon pass coming on…it’s exceptionally difficult not to favor the Ikon as the better option for those in Boulder County.