Summer Visitors? Get your Guest Bedroom Ready


Raise your hand if you have visitors through the summer!

We have both friends and family that come to visit and I want their space to be as comfortable as possible.  We are fortunate that we have a great space for visitors with a full extra bedroom and bathroom and a kitchen space that they can call their own during the duration of their stay.  Your guest room should be a place of comfort, function, and have a dreamy quality to it that will stick with your house guests even after they leave.

#1  Big, fluffy pillows and rustic accents create a comfortable and fanciful space that guests will love.

#2  Additional blankets and quilts

#3  An extra sleeping situation, such as a pull out sofa or air mattress for the kiddos

#4  Bed side setup is vital to a guest room. A bedside light for reading, a vase of fresh flowers, a cup for water, a candle, and even reading material are all small touches that will make a big impact

#5  Nice, fluffy towels.

Happy Summer